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Brüninghoff Group has entered a new era – one which is highly innovative, efficient, resource-saving and marked by a unique production process for timber-concrete composite slabs. Our new precasting plant at the Heiden site demonstrates our commitment to taking the structural transformation in the construction industry to the next level. After all: in light of advancing climate change, increasing scarcity of resources and geopolitical challenges, sustainable construction is simply the only way forward.

For us, it is the ground-breaking concept for the manufacturing and production process, and not the size of our new plant, which matters. By using CO₂-reduced mineral aggregates and renewable energies we are reducing our CO₂ emissions many times over. We are using resource-saving concrete and service water to optimise energy and resource cycles. By developing a well thought-out e-logistics concept, we are playing our part in massively improving efficiency in relation to the use of resources and energy.

For us, sustainable precast concrete units are not just some high-flying notion. We also actually make them.


CO₂ reduction

  • CO₂-reduced cement type CEM III used as standard (blast-furnace cement with reduced clinker content) in precast concrete units
  • Reduced quantity of cement used in concrete
  • Timber-concrete composite elements – concrete partially replaced with timber, a renewable raw material

Preservation of resources

  • Use of recycled granulates − type I, grain 8/16 mm) certified according to DIN EN 12620 (for so-called „resource-saving concrete“)
  • Up to 45% substitution of primary raw material (gravel) with recycled granulates within the framework of the normative regulations
  • Renewable raw materials are used as the basis for concrete release agent

Environmentally-friendly manufacturing process

  • Environmental management system implemented according to ISO 14001
  • Power generated by company’s own rooftop photovoltaic system
  • Service water for admixing of concrete from rainwater cisterns


The precasting plant makes hybrid components for partners and customers in the construction industry. The main focus is on sustainable timber-concrete composite slabs. We are part of the CREE partner network and a license holder. Prospective customers can of course also obtain all kinds of conventional components from us. And, if the standards permit, also with the systematic use of resource-saving concrete.

For more information on our product range, refer to our component catalogue.

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